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We, the people who make up Manas IT, are committed to our customers' success. We view our own success through their eyes, and we place our customers at the center of everything we do.

We work tirelessly to establish and foster long-term customer relationships. We are a professional-minded team with a fun, casual, flexible work environment. We promote an environment where individual recognition, commitment, and a balanced life are all important to our overall effectiveness.

We value diversity, and we welcome individuality among our teammates. We believe that matching a person's interests and long-term goals to their role within our organization is critical to our overall effectiveness as a team. Any company's culture is a reflection of the way the people who make it up conduct themselves day to day. As a team, we have a set of basic tenets that guide our actions:

  • We will settle for nothing less than market leadership;

  • We are highly driven and passionate about our work;

  • We are not content with past glory, and as such, we constantly strive to improve on our last performances;

  • We hire only the best people;

  • We operate with high integrity defined by principle-centered decision making; and

  • As a high-growth company, we embrace change as a catalyst for company success and individual opportunity.

We at Manas IT are proud of our culture, not because it reads well or gives off a good impression, but because we live it. We are an international company, and we work hard at making Manas IT a great place to work.

To join this dynamic organization, please send your resume to jobs@manasit.com.
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